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First-Time Home Buyer Seminar in Knoxville, TN

Tonight at 6:00pm at the Courtyard by Marriott located in Bearden/West Hills (in Knoxville), our team (The Creel Group with Keller Williams Knoxville West) will be hosting a First Time Home Buyer seminar with partnership from Kristin Abouelata with Mortgage Investors Group and Phillis Burnett with Admiral Title, Inc. The goal of the seminar will […]

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Dogwood Arts is A Year-Long Celebration!

For those of you who thought Dogwoods and springtime were a far away dream, I have good news! The Dogwood Arts Festival gives Knoxville a reason to celebrate all year long! According to the statistics from the 2014 season so far, “Dogwood Arts events, exhibits & programs generated an economic impact of over $6.2 million […]

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Economic Development Update

This week’s Economic Development Update includes two exciting pieces of news shared with me by the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce. First, both Knox and Blount counties received kudos from as two of the top ten counties to live in Tennessee! Secondly, Knoxville was just ranked as the No. 2 “City for Green Jobs” in […]

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Why Buy A Home in Knoxville?

“Why buy a home in Knoxville?” is a question you might be asking yourself whether you are a student living in town, a business professional relocating to the area, or even a long-time resident who has never put down roots. According to the Millennium edition of Places Rated Almanac, the Knoxville metropolitan area was ranked as […]

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Tennessee ranks No. 1 in foreign investment jobs

According to the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce‘s recent Economic Development update: Tennessee ranks No. 1 in foreign investment jobs Tennessee led the nation in jobs created by foreign investment in 2013, according to the new Global Location Trends Report by the IBM Institute. Foreign companies have 864 operations in Tennessee, representing more than 116,000 jobs and […]

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Six Reasons to Love Knoxville

There are far more than six reasons to love Knoxville, and everyone will have different reasons why they love being here, according to their own lifestyle and interests. Here are six of the reasons why I love this scruffy little city. 1) We love the arts. From the Knoxville Museum of Art to the Symphony, Knoxville offers a wide variety […]

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Knoxville Says “HoLa” During Downtown Festival

I had the opportunity to attend the HoLa festival in Downtown Knoxville on Sunday, and I must say, what a fun festival! The music and dance demonstrations were inspiring, and young and old alike were dancing through Market Square! Flamboyant costumes and the smells of homemade international delicacies filled the square, along with a few thousand […]

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Knoxville Economic Development Update 9.25.14

It is always noteworthy when a business celebrates a benchmark in the community, and this is no exception. Exedy America has just celebrated such a notable occasion, and as part of the Knoxville Economic Development Committee, I wanted to share it with you. Here is the snippet from the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce: “Exedy America, […]

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Welcome to Fall in East Tennessee

Of the beautiful and distinct four seasons we have, Fall is by far my favorite season. As September gives way to October, the trees begin to get dressed in their Autumn ballgowns:  brilliant tones of yellow, orange, and red. The remaining green grass of summer lay below like a blanket, creating the most magnificent contrast within this […]

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The World’s First 3D Printed Car

Produced at Local Motors with the help of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Cincinnati Incorporated, and several other partners, the Strati is the world’s first 3D printed car. The Strati was created from carbon-reinforced plastic, and while others have used 3D printers to create car parts, this endeavor was completed almost entirely using this space-age technology. […]

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