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Tennessee ranks No. 1 in foreign investment jobs

According to the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce‘s recent Economic Development update: Tennessee ranks No. 1 in foreign investment jobs Tennessee led the nation in jobs created by foreign investment in 2013, according to the new Global Location Trends Report by the IBM Institute. Foreign companies have 864 operations in Tennessee, representing more than 116,000 jobs and […]

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Haunted Island For Sale?

Poveglia   The Italian Government is looking to sell Poveglia, an Island located across the Venetian Lagoon which is rumored to be “the most haunted island in the world.” According to The Independent: It’s in one of the most popular tourism locations in the world, located between Venice and Lido in the Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy. […]

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KW Mexico | KW Worldwide

According to Keller Williams Worldwide website:   Keller Williams Worldwide Family Expands into Mexico MEXICO CITY, MEXICO (September 16, 2014)- A group of business leaders with extensive experience in real estate sales, operations, technology, training and marketing has announced plans to open Keller Williams Realty offices in Mexico. The new venture is led by Operating […]

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