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6 Luxury Home Amenity Trends

Home Gyms Among the chief benefits of luxury living is convenience, and for today’s busy homeowners, a home gym makes perfect sense. Make fitness a priority without the common gym excuses getting in the way, and relish in the privacy of a gym tailored to your needs. Private Tennis Courts Most sports enthusiasts can appreciate […]

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Welcome to Fall in East Tennessee

Of the beautiful and distinct four seasons we have, Fall is by far my favorite season. As September gives way to October, the trees begin to get dressed in their Autumn ballgowns:  brilliant tones of yellow, orange, and red. The remaining green grass of summer lay below like a blanket, creating the most magnificent contrast within this […]

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We’re halfway through the holiday work-week. As East Tennessee temperatures begin to rise, your plans may include more time poolside or lakeside. If you’re not currently poolside, take a break and enjoy these refreshing images of ten celebrity pools from HGTV. Click here for more!

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Decking the Halls on a Budget

Decorating your home for the holidays can be quite costly, especially for such a short time! Having a beautiful holiday decor palette is part of season, and if your home is on the market, it is even more imperative to have nice, well thought-out decorations which will evoke emotions within the potential buyers touring your […]

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