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“In Your Neighborhood:” The Villas at Anchor Park

In Your Neighborhood: The Villas at Anchor ParkYesterday, Phil Williams at Newstalk 98.7 had Johnnie Creel of The Creel Group on his “In Your Neighborhood” segment covering the Farragut area. Phil had Johnnie on the show to talk about The Villas at Anchor Park, Farragut’s new premier luxury low-maintenance community. In talking with Johnnie Creel, Phil discovered that The Villas are to be the future of the neighborhood: a connected community.

You ask:  “What is a connected community?”

A connected community is more than just a neighborhood with commonality of street name. To be connected, The Villas will offer activities, clubs, groups, and a sense of community. Neighborhoods have strayed away from this ideal, while many apartment communities have continued doing these activities for a while, but we are seeing a shift to this connected feel in condo and residential neighborhoods. Since Farragut is such a desirable area in Knoxville, having this connected community feel makes the Villas even more unique, special, and sought-after in the Farragut area.

Having a sense of community is so much more than just a place to call home. Many people today don’t know their neighbors, and with the business of life, it can be hard to find the time…until you need to borrow that cup of sugar. Having a place to call home and a connection to those who live around you makes for a safe, family-feel versus the coolness of a group of homes hiding behind a neighborhood sign.

If you are searching for a new sense of community, as well as a low-maintenance lifestyle in the Farragut area, The Villas at Anchor Park is the place to start! With Villas approaching completion, we are taking pre-sales with satisfaction guaranteed!  This weekend, we will have hard hat tours again from 12-5 Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting. If the weather does not hold, we are still taking appointments to show you all about our wonderful, connected community in the warmth of a dry location! We will even have a hot pot of coffee ready for you!

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