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Decking the Halls on a Budget

holiday decor on Creel Group PinterestDecorating your home for the holidays can be quite costly, especially for such a short time! Having a beautiful holiday decor palette is part of season, and if your home is on the market, it is even more imperative to have nice, well thought-out decorations which will evoke emotions within the potential buyers touring your home this season.

You do not have to break the bank to decorate successfully, and thanks to Pinterest, ideas are even more within reach than in the past. Even the least of the creative can find simple DIY tricks on Pinterest, which will leave holiday guests in awe. From mantels, to trees, to throw pillows, garland, tablescapes, and lights, Pinterest does not disappoint. I have even created a board of my favorite holiday decorating finds on my Pinterest site.

DIY giants such as HGTV, Better Homes & Gardens, and Southern Living all have very active Pinterest sites, and the decorating ideas don’t stop at winter holidays; there are more ideas than you can shake a stick at for almost any holiday or party theme a person can imagine! In fact, if you enjoy decorating, I suggest you follow all of the above-mentioned resources on Pinterest, as well as my Decor Ideas board, as I repin from many other boards. If you haven’t experienced this yet: beware of Pinterest, though, because it is a bit  like the “black hole” of social media. You go in looking for table ideas and emerge 3 hours later with recipes for low-carb coconut cake and no-bake lemon cookies wondering “what just happened to me?”

Youtube is another great resource for these decorating giants! Check out Better Homes and Gardens recent video titled “Christmas Decorations for Every Room in the House,” which outlines 8 ideas to decorate for Christmas on a budget!

Happy decorating, and happy holidays to you all!

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