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Selling In A Winter Wonderland

Selling A Home in WinterThere is probably not much you can do about adding curb appeal to your home during the winter months, if you live in the Northeast or Great Lakes region. In fact, you probably cannot even find your curbs under the insurmountable snow. However in the South, we are usually lucky to avoid the bitterly cold, frozen winters endured by our Northern friends. Many people want to wait until spring to list their homes, and there is a lot of logic behind photographing the yard in full bloom, when the natural curb appeal is at its height. However, we don’t always choose when we move, and there are many factors that could force a move in the “off-peak” season such as company-ordered relocation, taking a new job, downsizing of employment, etc. Moving during the fall and winter typically costs less, so there are benefits to having to move at this time of year.

NAR home buyer foot traffic 2013 vs 2014Also take into consideration the historical fact that there is typically less inventory of homes available during winter months, so the lack of supply can mean good things for sellers in areas of high-demand. In fact, the National Association of Realtors revealed that the months’ supply of housing inventory has decreased from 5.5 months to 5.3. That equates to less competition for homeowners selling today as compared to next spring when many homeowners will decide to put their home on the market! (Source: The KCM Blog)


Right now, we have buyers needing houses who cannot find a home for sale in Knoxville that fits their needs, for lack of inventory! Our most desperate needs are:

  1. Hardin Valley condos for sale under $225,000, specifically in Thompson Trails.
  2. Homes for sale in Blount or Knox counties with at least 1/2 an acre, 2800 sqft, and under $300,000.
  3. Ranch homes (no basement) for sale in West Knoxville with a level lot, 1500 sqft+, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and an open floor plan under $200,000.


If you are considering selling your home and are curious if it will move in this winter market, we can put together a market summary and analysis for your neighborhood to assist you in the decision to sell in a winter wonderland or wait until Dogwood season. In addition, please feel free to download our “Selling Tips for Winter Months.”


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