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New Knoxville Home Search Solution

keller williams mobile app knoxville home search solution

So, you have been thinking about buying a home in Knoxville, and you have been on the internet: the public MLS, craigslist, and other national websites searching for homes. Today, you decide to go scope out a house you found on a website, but on the way through this neighborhood you love, you see another house for sale. Do you have the mobile app that allows you to search nearby homes for sale? Do you have the ability to save the home to view on your computer later, so you can show your spouse or parents? Do you have the ability to click the “contact” button and always be directed to the same Realtor, every time?

If you answered “no” to even one of those questions, then you don’t have the Keller Williams Realty mobile app, specifically designed to allow you to search on the go, save your results of proximity searches or zip code/city searches, and have a direct connection to your personal Realtor at the touch of a button. I am so pleased to be an owner/investor of Keller Williams Realty Knoxville, and I am proud to offer this application to my past, current, and potential clients, because I believe in the technology that is behind the app. Keller Williams offers their agents and customers cutting-edge technology, and I am proud to be able to offer this technology as part of The Creel Group’s client services.

The Keller Williams Realty mobile app is available HERE. Once you download the app, you have the ability to unlock the advanced features of the app through entering this code: KW2KFMBR7 

The great thing about The Creel Group’s Keller Williams Realtymobile app is the ability to search anywhere, any time, and without any strings attached. The app also travels with you! If you are in Florida, Colorado, or Maine you will be able to search for homes and contact a local agent with the expertise and knowledge you expect from Keller Williams! The Creel Group is so proud to offer this app. Try the Keller Williams Realty mobile app out today for your Knoxville home search, and see the difference!


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