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Knoxville Skyline

Six Reasons to Love Knoxville

There are far more than six reasons to love Knoxville, and everyone will have different reasons why they love being here, according to their own lifestyle and interests. Here are six of the reasons why I love this scruffy little city.

1) We love the arts. From the Knoxville Museum of Art to the Symphony, Knoxville offers a wide variety of venues and events supporting and encouraging the arts. 

2) Cultural Festivals. Knoxville offers a variety of cultural festivals, including the Greek Fest and HoLa Festival (which both just occurred). Celebrating other cultures is so important to understanding each other. We all have a heritage, and it is important to learn and share with others.

3) The University of Tennessee. Love or hate the orange, the University offers many outstanding programs, and we know how to get 100,000 people together on any given autumn Saturday. The culture and energy of the University is magnetizing. Having been the wife of a faculty member (who is now Professor Emeritus), I have grown to love and appreciate the University’s cultural, economic, and emotional impact on our city. 

4) History. Knoxville is home to a rich and diverse history. Many roadside markers tell tales of the battles fought and historical events and people of Knoxville. Next time you see those signs, slow down to read them:  you might learn something! 

5) You really are close to the mountains. Some days when you wake up, the fog is so thick, you would swear something was on fire. We really are close to the Great Smoky Mountains, and what a treat. Hiking, biking, camping, swimming, rafting, tubing, skiing, and more are just a short drive away. From breathtaking vistas to nature’s painting of the autumn leaves, the mountains are truly a treasure to have just outside our doors.

6) Lakes & Rivers. I never thought I could live “land-locked,” having grown up in Louisiana and having also lived in Rhode Island. But when I visited Knoxville, I saw the abundance of lakes and rivers throughout the area, and I knew that this was a very special “inland” location. Waterfront properties in Knoxville are in high demand, and I can certainly understand why!


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