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Advantages of Using The Creel Group

There are many advantages to using a The Creel Group to represent you when buying or selling a home. In fact, The Creel Group is a valuable asset to your Real Estate transaction. After all, would you do your own surgery or be your own dentist? Absolutely not. Just as doctors attended school to learn how to protect your health and well-being, the Real Estate Professionals at The Creel Group are trained to protect and guide you through what will potentially be the biggest investment of your life.

Johnnie Creel, a seasoned Realtor, is educated in the local market and aware of current market trends. Johnnie is one of the top Real Estate Agents in Knoxville, and her knowledge of market trends and proven success is backed by testimonials and her relationships with past clients. When you sit down to interview your Realtor, here are 5 questions to ask:

  1. How long have you been working in the local Real Estate market?
  2. What do you/your team have to offer that is different than another agent or team?
  3. FOR SELLERS: Where will you market my home and why? FOR BUYERS: How strong is your network to help me find my perfect home?
  4. FOR SELLERS: What are the selling points of my home? What are the necessary changes? FOR BUYERS: What are my first steps in the buying process?
  5. What do your past and current clients say about you?

Johnnie Creel or a member of her team will easily be prepared to answer the above questions and more. The key to this process is to be open-mined: sellers should see their home as a potential buyer might see it, and buyers should see the potential in the homes they view. Choosing the right Realtor can make all the difference in how easy it is to do these tasks. Consistently, Johnnie Creel will listen to your needs and ideas, while also offering her market knowledge to help you make sound, wise decisions. Johnnie and her team will know what makes a house desirable to potential buyers looking in. Putting emotional attachments aside, the Creel Group will help you see why some changes are needed. It goes the same for buyers: Johnnie and her buyer specialists will listen to your criteria and use the local MLS to narrow down your search to the homes that most meet your wish list. The reality of a buyer’s market means that sometimes it is necessary to remove items from your wish list, if no homes are available with everything you want. So, it is important to be honest and share any deal-breaker wants and needs.

Check out This Month in Real Estate for more information on current market trends. If you still are not sure if The Creel Group is right for you, check out this article on the KCM blog.

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