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Welcome to Fall in East Tennessee

Fall in East Tennessee

Of the beautiful and distinct four seasons we have, Fall is by far my favorite season. As September gives way to October, the trees begin to get dressed in their Autumn ballgowns:  brilliant tones of yellow, orange, and red. The remaining green grass of summer lay below like a blanket, creating the most magnificent contrast within this masterful painting as it depicts the timeless yet fleeting wonderment of fall in East Tennessee. As the leaves reach their peak, they each take time to delicately dance down to the ground, signifying the tree’s reluctant surrender to winter. Below the branches, the now-dying leaves paint the ground one last time with their glorious colors, as the winter wind begins to whip through the air. Soon, all that remains of these one-perfectly painted fauna is the crunch and crackle as you walk through the streets.

It is both the end and the beginning all at the same time. The colors remind you that the winter will come, but they serve as hope that the winter will also come to an end. As we mourn for the warm days gone by, we realize we traded those days for bonfires, crisp cool mornings, and the warmth of sweaters and fireplaces. It becomes a welcomed change, a relief from the heat of the summer.  Autumn in East Tennessee is probably the most beautiful time of the year. Every time I see the colors of the trees reflecting on the lake like an infinity of color, I remember how East Tennessee captivates me every autumn. Now I understand why they say “fall in love.”

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