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According to Keller Williams Worldwide website:


Keller Williams Worldwide Family Expands into Mexico
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO (September 16, 2014)- A group of business leaders with extensive experience in real estate sales, operations, technology, training and marketing has announced plans to open Keller Williams Realty offices in Mexico. The new venture is led by Operating Principal Mario Aviles and a team that includes Jorge Carbonell, Teresa Anderson, Barbara Gaxoet and Roberto Obregon.
“We want to take the Mexican real estate industry to the next level,” Aviles said. “Our goal is to make KW Mexico the leading real estate company for new generations around the country. Communication, commitment and integrity are the values that will make KW Mexico the real estate company of choice for brokers, agents and clients.”
With 120 million residents and a rapidly expanding economy, the Mexican real estate sector is poised for explosive growth.
“Mexico is on the cusp of transformative change,” Carbonell said. “We’re investing heavily in our energy, manufacturing and tourism sectors, which is fueling increased demand and creating new opportunities for innovative, consumer-focused real estate professionals.”


Read more about this exciting new venture at: KW Mexico | KW Worldwide.


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