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Knoxville Says “HoLa” During Downtown Festival

I had the opportunity to attend the HoLa festival in Downtown Knoxville on Sunday, and I must say, what a fun festival! The music and dance demonstrations were inspiring, and young and old alike were dancing through Market Square! Flamboyant costumes and the smells of homemade international delicacies filled the square, along with a few thousand of Knoxville’s residents. Mexico Lindo’s tent was the longest line: tamales and churros were a huge hit – but those tamales are a local celebrity when you ask around. I kept hearing over and over “these [tamales] are the best I have ever had” and “the taste is worth the wait.” They were right!

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Tents spread across the central portion of Market Square with the history and claims to fame for each of the represented countries. Many of the tents offered artisans and their handiwork for sale. From painted rocks to alpaca fur scarves, there was a unique international marketplace in Knoxville this weekend!

One of my favorite parts of the festival was the woman on the aerial silks performing beautiful movements with a very impressive show of sheer strength. Watching her was captivating, as she literally hung in the balance above her small safety net. This is one of two great international festivals I had the pleasure of attending in Knoxville this weekend. Between the grape leaves and baklava of Greek Fest and the tamales and churros from Mexico Lindo at HoLa Festival, I probably need to make use of some of Knoxville’s wonderful greenways this weekend!

So, which festival in Knoxville did you attend this weekend?

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