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Home Buyers Turn to Social Media

Like the Creel Group on FacebookOver 90% of home buyers and sellers turn to the internet to search for homes or gather real estate market information. You could say that the internet has transformed the home buying process and the way we do business. Social media, in particular, has emerged as an easy way to share information and ideas about real estate. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google + are the most commonly used social media websites, and all of these services offer mobile-integrated platforms. What social media and mobile technology offer is a real-time, instant connection with the world-and it is CONSTANT. Each social media website offers a different type of connection and a different sphere of influence.

Search for Knoxville Homes for Sale on FacebookFacebook is for everyone! Family, friends, business associates, your kids, old high school or college friends, and your neighbors…all of them are on Facebook. Facebook connects the spheres of all the people you know, you’ve met, or you want to keep up with from the past. These are people who you value their opinions and look to for advice. How many times have I seen a post asking for direction to a specific vendor, brand, etc.? What better way to connect your business with people you know, you’ve met, or you want to keep up with from the past? What is *COOL* about our Facebook page? Integrated home search! You do not have to leave Facebook to start searching for Knoxville area real estate for sale. That’s worth sharing with friends, right?


Twitter is for people you know, people you don’t know, and people who like hashtags. #Realestate is a powerful thing. If someone on Twitter searches for posts containing #Realestate, your posts containing such hashtags will populate. Be wary of language, but for a great laugh about Twitter, view the #hashtag video by Jimmy Fallon.

Speaking of videos, YouTube is for everyone, too. Visual people, people who want to laugh, learn, and see live-action videos of properties or real estate information. Our YouTube offers just such entertainment! On YouTube, you can view slideshows of our listings, and learn about Keller Williams and Knoxville, TN.

Instagram is for everyone who is a visual person. Create lovely filtered photos and share with a “click!” Instagram integrates with Facebook and Twitter (and more), and you can also make connections via the hashtag. Who knew the “#” would become so popular and widely used? We certainly never anticipated it in the ’90s.

Pinterest is for women. Yes, men are on Pinterest. But ladies, let’s be honest:  how many of you have gone on Pinterest looking for a recipe only to emerge four hours later with a new workout regiment, ideas for meal planning, inspiration for a new wardrobe, and craft ideas for every holiday in a calendar year? Almost everyone has a “home” related board, so this is a great way to slip in real estate information to the masses without them realizing they are helping you share a home for sale! Pin, pin, and pin again!

Google + is for business. Unlike LinkedIn, which acts a job search, job recognition, and professional melting pot, Google + is a way to share with your colleagues what you are doing. I rarely hear my friends say, “I saw your post on Google +. Actually, I never hear my friends say that, but I do hear my colleagues say that.

How can social media help YOU, the home buyer? You want an agent who is in-the-know about current events, current mortgage information, and offers the information where you want to access it. I invite you to visit our Facebook to check out the integrated home search, our Twitter to engage with us, YouTube to see our listings come to life, and our Pinterest when you have four hours to spare!



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