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Selling Your Home: Overcoming Emotional Attachments

The decision to put your home on the market can be a very emotional experience, and the longer that you have resided in the home, the harder these emotional attachments can be to break. You may have never thought that you would be sentimental about your home, but once the papers and signed, and the sign is in the yard, you might find yourself reliving all the memories made in your home. The imperfections you may be asked to fix prior to the listing or after a home inspection process, might be painting over the growth chart on the wall of your child’s room or fixing the creaking step on the staircase which acted like a tell-tale when your teenagers were sneaking in the house after curfew. Suddenly all the quirky things that you grew to love or tolerate about your home are not so charming in the eyes of buyers who tour your home.

These emotions are natural, but emotional decisions can often be irrational decisions which might delay or altogether impede your ability to sell your home. Here are some tips from Dave Ramsey about what NOT to do:

1) Overly Attached and Overpriced – If you allow your attachment to the home, your memories, etc. to guide you in the pricing of your home, then it is greatly possible you will overprice for the market. As difficult as it may be to accept, your memories have no market value. This is why it is recommended to get a Market Analysis of your home by a unbiased, licensed Real Estate professional, such as myself. Market knowledge, experience, and review of comparable sales and comparable active competitive listings will all help to give a true picture of what your home will bring in the current market.

2) Prepare for Negativity Overload – The more showings you have, the higher the likelihood that you will receive negative feedback on your home. Buyers and their agents will be hypercritical, as they are looking out for the best interest and best financial decision for the BUYER. Taking offense to the negative comments can hinder your ability to make rational decisions about offers that you might receive. The first offer is almost ALWAYS your best offer, but oftentimes your sentimental attachments and/or offense from feedback remarks cause clouded judgement in the review of an offer. Keep an open mind, and try to see the home more objectively.

3) Save Yourself from Stress – The most important first step is to get the Market Analysis from The Creel Group, so that you can have a clear understanding of the current real estate market. Once you list, your agent will be handling the details, unlike the woes of For Sale By Owner.

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