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Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness

The Knoxville area is the perfect blend of urban, suburban, and rural areas, offering the perfect lifestyle for every appetite. Knoxville’s so-called “Urban Wilderness” has recently made National headlines, bringing a spotlight to the work of Innovation Valley. The following is in an excerpt from the article in the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce newsletter:

Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness South Loop Receives National Recognition

The National Park Service has named Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness South Knoxville Loop a National Recreation Trail. Only a few miles from downtown Knoxville, the 28.4-mile loop was selected for its outstanding scenery and linkage to such noteworthy destinations as Ijams Nature Center, Mead’s Quarry, William Hastie Natural Area, and the Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area. The entire Innovation Valley region offers 86 miles of greenways and nature trails creating a mecca for people with a passion for sports and the outdoors. Quality of life is often an important part of the corporate site selection process.



The established neighborhood of Island Home neighbors the “Urban Wilderness,” and offers a neighborhood appeal with the likes of the mid-century, with a strong neighborhood watch and community events that are renowned, such as the Island Home Trick or Treat. These gorgeous homes date back as far as the early 1900s, offering many craftsman-style homes that feel like they have been cut out of Southern Living magazine. With a walking trail from the Island Home park that leads all the way to Ijams Nature Center, you can take a walk in the woods along the mighty Tennessee River, but be only moments from Downtown. Island Home also offers it’s own small airport. This is truly the best of both worlds in Knoxville. For more information about homes for sale in Island Home, contact us!


Excerpt taken from Knoxville Chamber of Commerce weekly newsletter.

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