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Five Reasons to Sell NOW

A great article on KCM Blog this week outlines the “Five Reasons to Sell NOW.”

1. Demand is Strong
2. There Is Less Competition Now
3. The Process Will Be Quicker
4. There Will Never Be a Better Time to Move-Up (or Move-Down)
5. It’s Time to Move On with Your Life

Right now, the market is HOT, but there is a shortage in the number of listings in all price ranges (especially $150,000-$400,000). This means many homes in high-demand price ranges are receiving multiple offers (for the first time in several years!). What this means for the seller is that the market has shifted to be more in your favor! There is no better time, while interest rates are still low (but on a consistent rise), to make you move in the market. If you are wanted to downsize or move up, the first step is to have your home evaluated for the current market value. Once you know this value, you are empowered to have pre-qualification conversations with a lender to make plans for your next home. From relocation to first-buyers, your needs are all different, and The Creel Group can meet you exactly where you are in the process.

The market is becoming even more competitive on foreclosure and short sales in Knoxville, TN. So, if you are in the market for investment properties or a fixer-upper, the competition is even more strong in this portion of the market. Having an experienced agent to negotiate on your behalf is critical. If you are looking to avoid foreclosure, we can many times offer you assistance. It is worth checking with a licensed Realtor like me, prior to making any important decisions about selling or buying a home in the Knoxville area.


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