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What to Expect Now that Zillow and Trulia are One [From Inman News]

According to Inman News, competition to heat up between Zillow and News Corp.-backed

Imagine a horse race. Two horses, a perfectly toned and young thoroughbred against a 7-year-old nag. No surprises who is winning the race.

Then, two things happen: 1. The winning horse surprisingly steers off the track to further bulk up for the race; 2. A new tested and savvy owner and trainer take over the nag, tweak and buff up the old mare, and begin to catch up with the thoroughbred.

After concerns and investigation regarding a merger of the two entities by the FTC over the past few months, the initial go-ahead was given to the union on Friday. But News Corp. is not out of the race, after a quick acquisition of As realtors, Zillow, Trulia, and the like have become our own competition for a variety of reasons probably too boring to discuss. So, let’s focus on the implications for the consumer. The heated competition between Zillow and Move could bring with it a virtual circus of innovation to draw in the most consumer mind-share. But there are facts that remain about these entities that you must remember during the home-search process.

Zillow and the like do not always receive/present the most accurate data. We see this all the time from the ever-questioned “Zestimate” to the reliability of information such as square footage, bedroom/bathroom count, etc. Any and all of this information can influence a home buyer and falsely advertise a property. It is still a mystery why these data discrepancies exist, but nevertheless, they do. So “caveat emptor” definitely rings true.

It is for this very reason choosing a local real estate expert (like us!) and using our website and mobile app is the best and safest way to search for real estate in your community (or the community to which you are relocating).

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