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Importance of Mobile Home Searches

In an age where we are accustomed to having the internet and all it’s vast resources at our fingertips, the importance of mobile home searching is ever-growing. According to KCM, “There is no doubt that the consumer’s desire to access housing information through the internet will continue to increase throughout 2014. However, that doesn’t mean that the value of the real estate agent has diminished.” Inman News reported that NAR’s 2013 survey of home buyers showed that 92% used the internet to search for homes. Inman goes on to say that, “Use of the internet among consumers in the home buying process continues to grow, but those buyers are more, not less, likely to use a real estate agent.”

KCM goes on to say the key to being successful in this high-tech world is to “deliver powerful, highly visual content which can easily be viewed on mobile devices.” What better way to deliver mobile-ready data than your own mobile application? Keller Williams offers just that very solution. The beauty of the Keller Williams app is that the app has the ability to adapt to the area, as the consumer drives around.  The app allows you to search for homes anywhere in the country and contact an agent in that market directly. When you open the app, there is a simple menu: Screenshot_2014-01-23-08-57-25

No matter where you are, when you click the “NEARBY HOMES” button, you will be able to see homes nearest to you. From our office in Farragut, here are the homes that came up when this button was used: Screenshot_2014-01-23-08-57-43

If you see a home you like, you have the opportunity to call or email an agent for more information. You also have the opportunity to save the home as a favorite or share it with someone. Screenshot_2014-01-23-08-57-56The most interesting feature, in my opinion, is the ability to switch to an interactive map view of the home search.



There are certainly other home search applications, but with a real-time feed from the Keller Williams listing service, the KW app far surpasses many apps who often have out-of-date information. Having this mobile application sets Keller Williams agents apart, offering their buyers the mobile access that so many desire. This app also offers sellers the peace of mind that their homes are getting into the capable hands of mobile-ready buyers both at home and out-and about. I suggest that you give the Keller Williams mobile app a try, and I believe that you will find that the user-friendly features of the app make it one of the best, if not THE best available today. Click here to download the free Keller Williams app. I will even give you a code to enter in the “My Agent” tab that will allow you to have the ability to save listings and searches for future computer access.  That special code is:  KW2KFMBR7

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