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Importance of Getting Pre-Qualified

So, you have decided to buy a house. This statement in and of itself is a huge decision, and the most important step to complete before even logging on the internet to look at homes is this: GET PRE-QUALIFIED. No matter what your situation is financially, lending is not an exact science. The best thing you can do before you start setting your heart on a certain house or price range is to find out what you are qualified to buy. After all, you would never go shopping for groceries or clothes without knowing how much money you have to spend. (Well, you shouldn’t at least!)

If you contact an agent, they may have a recommendation for a lender, or you may know you want to use your credit union. Whichever way you come about finding a lender, this first step is the most important step to buying a home in Knoxville. Once you know where you qualify, finding the right house is going to be much less worrisome. Imagine finding your dream home, but you do not know if you qualify. You spend the next day or days getting qualified, and the house goes under contract. Going into your showings with a pre-qualification letter empowers you to make an offer that you can be confident in making, and guess what? That simple pre-qualification letter makes the seller more confident, too. (There is little worse than thinking your home has sold, but the buyer does not qualify!) Get rid of the guess-work: get pre-qualified.

The good news about getting pre-qualified: your lender will find options for you to make the most of your budget. Whether it be looking into USDA Rural Housing for up to 100% financing or VA loans for veterans of the military, your lender will help you determine not only your budget but your best possible path to achieving the goal of home ownership. Then, your Realtor® will be able to assist you with finding the home to meet your needs. A benefit of working with The Creel Group is we have partnerships with lenders like Mortgage Investors Group, and we work together with the lender through the entire process to make buying your Knoxville home a reality!

If you are ready to get pre-qualified, click this link to get Prequalification Information from Mortgage Investors Group.


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